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PICTURE PLEXI-ACRYLIC PHOTO - color, lightness and brightness
tirage Decoration impression The image is printed on the back of transparent Plexiglas holder1, leaving the colors explode2. The image seen through the "glass", which gives a light touch to the material. The attachment of this work is inusable3 with aluminum rails4.

tirage poster 40 x 120 cm : 250 €   (VAT and France shipping included)
tirage plexi triptyque triptyque 3 vues 40 x 40 cm : 250 €
tirage poster 50 x 150 cm : 295 €
tirage plexi triptyque triptyque 3 vues 50 x 50 cm : 295 €

1 The plexi is a material like plastic finish that simulates a glass. On 2.5mm thick, it is light and transparent.
2 Bright and contrasting intense colors
3 Durable color interior, excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and UV, waterproof, relatively rigid, sensitive to scratches
4 Aluminium frame, supplied in kit, that stiffen Plexi, shift the drawing of the wall and give relief and even more important

Delivery times: about 8 working days
tirage poster
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