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Newsletter Newsletter January 2021Only in French.
Old newsletters are available here.
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Best whishes Best whishes 2021 More info
'Auvergne Panoramas' book 'Auvergne Panoramas' book December 2020EDITION 2020 - 8 new panoramas, reworking of photos to the current digital contrast / saturation standard, new cover More info
Best whishes Best whishes 2020 More info
Best whishes Best whishes 2019 More info
Best whishes Best whishes 2018 More info
Calendars 2018 Calendars 2018 July 20172 panoramic calendars for 2018 : 24 pictures from France and 12 from Chatillon-en-Diois village. More info
Book Book "Au fil de la Dordogne" Publication 2016I worked on that book in 2016 when I turned around the UNESCO Dordogne basin. Book in French only. More info
EuroMAB 2017, in Sarlat, France EuroMAB 2017, in Sarlat, France 4-7 april 2017About the exhibition "The Dordogne River Basin". More info
Best whishes Best whishes 2017 More info
Tour of France Tour of France March 2016In 2007, an English publisher ordered me a panoramic photo book on France. 10 years later, by the light of my current approach to photography, it's time to find landscapes that are sources of contemplation. More info
Truth article on galerie-photo.com Truth article on galerie-photo.com October 2016Only in French. More info
Photo festival of Moncoutant Photo festival of Moncoutant 24/6 - 30/9Open exhibition of 13 pictures in the castle garden of Geneva. 4 themes - Andalusia, Britain, the cities and the Mediterranean. I will be present at the opening Friday, June 24, 2016. Free admission. More info
Geo n°450 Geo n°450 August 2016In August, GEO make you discover Provence, from Camargue to the Gorges du Verdon, through the Brégançon Fort. My Photo of a lavender field in cover! More info
Réponses photo 292 Réponses photo 292 July 2016In this article (p 146) entitled "Reality of the landscape, truth of the photo," I wrote about a theme previously discussed on my blog and on which I still want to think about More info
Panoramic photo festival Panoramic photo festival 28-29 may 2016All you ever wanted to know about the views but were afraid to ask. I'm the guest of honor of this festival based in Villepreux (next to Versailles in the 78). Expo, conference, workshop, meetings ... Free admission. Hope to see you there. More info
Portfolio Atlantic Portfolio Atlantic March 2016Find the breath of the Atlantic coast from the Basque Country to the Loire-Atlantique. This gallery will be completed throughout the year. More info
Chasseur d'Images n°380 Chasseur d'Images n°380 January-February 2016In this article, I explain the evolution of my practice until my current process of merged images and my predominant use of the panini projection. More info
Best whishes Best whishes 2016Art is above all a state of mind, a thinking on life, on material, on nature. Find the patience to basics, the immaterial: dawdling, contemplation, human relations, poetry ... this search of beauty, sensitivity and emotion. More info
Dordogne, mapping of images Dordogne, mapping of images November 2015Now you can discover images of campaign for Dordogne Unesco via Google Maps or Google Earth (already over 80 commented pictures). More info
Scotland exhibition in Montbeliard Scotland exhibition in Montbeliard Nov 28 - Dec 24, 2015Scotland is this year's guest of honor of the Christmas market. You can see 15 of my photos in the City Hall. I will be present at the opening on Saturday, November 28. Free admission. Mon-Fri : 9-12 a.m. & 2-5:30 p.m. | Sat-Sun : 2-7 p.m. More info
Dordogne Unesco slideshow Dordogne Unesco slideshow August 2015The Biosphere Reserve has made a slideshow of 5 minutes to transport you to the basin of the Dordogne. More info
Dordogne, Making-of Dordogne, Making-of June 2015Since April, I share stories about the shots production and describe all my postprocessing work. Discover my "fusion" photograph ! More info
Basin of the Dordogne Basin of the Dordogne 2015I'm to illustrate the classification of the Dordogne Basin as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. From mountains of the Massif Central to the shores of the Atlantic, 16 landscape units spread over 6 departments. More info
Happy new year Happy new year January 2015to pierce the ceiling of your dreams. More info
Portfolio Andalusia Portfolio Andalusia October 2014In this region with Arabic and Moorish heritage, the white villages cap the hills of the southwest. To the east lies the unique natural desert in Europe bordered on the south by the only space left wild in Mediterranean coast, Cabo de Gata. More info
Finistère, back to Brittany Finistère, back to Brittany July 2014Lights in Brittany are so various and surprising that you can re-discovered this area each time you visit it again. Along its coasts, the sight does not meet any limit. To discover the secret soul of the landscapes, we must take a closer look at it. More info
Reconstruction of Rouen and Le Havre Reconstruction of Rouen and Le Havre June 2014With the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the seino-Norman towns are in newspapers front page. In my books devoted to these two cities, several parties illustrate the before and after the war. More info
New deco / prints - Lower prices New deco / prints - Lower prices December 2013The poster available in 3 sizes.
Canvas mounted on a wood frame available in 4 sizes.
Price decline of 20%.
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Photographic festival of Saint-Benoît Photographic festival of Saint-Benoît October 201311th photographic festival of St. Benoit at la HUNE (Vienne 86). Guests attending & Exhibition: Jean-Christophe Bechet, Hervé Sentucq, Pascal Ducept, Pierre Mairé, Nikosono ... Download the festival program. More info
Portfolio Street Art Portfolio Street Art September 2013On the walls: drawings, tags, stencils ... Diversity of talents free of censorship, works for the public with no intermediary, ready to be loved, hated, judged or ignored. More info
Kaisen magazine Kaisen magazine July-August 2013Portfolio and interview in the number 9 of Kaisen, a magazine "to build an ecological and human society and give voice to pioneering initiatives". New link with extracts. More info
Portfolio Rouen Portfolio Rouen Juillet 2013Work in progress for a book to be published in autumn 2013. Discover Rouen, the city of a hundred spiers in a graphical and colourful perspective, alternating traditional landscapes and others changes. More info
Detours en France magazine Detours en France magazine July 2013Find some of my photographs in this special issue of magazine Détours en France, dedicated to France wilderness. My picture of Mont Aiguille is on the cover. More info
Poster printed on plexi and poster Poster printed on plexi and poster March 2013In addition to photo prints pasted on dibond and american box (floating art print), you can now order poster by unit or picture printed on the back of transparent Plexiglas holder. More info
Blog Blog January 2013It's nice to share my philosophy. More info

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New website New website January 2013 More info
Update Tutorial - Books publishing Update Tutorial - Books publishing November 2012Faith to move mountains to make this fifth book was born. Our publishing house 'Panoramic Mutation' now exists and 'Le Havre' opens the series. Back to the beginning. More info
Wilderness Queyras and Mercantou Wilderness Queyras and Mercantou Autumn 2012Take time to "look" the fall, you'll love it...
"I have never seen autumn," he said. "However, it's not your first." "I've never had the time." (Stay My Joy - Jean Giono)
More info
Salon de la Photo Salon de la Photo 11/08/2012Salon de la photo will take place from 8 to 12 november 2012 in Paris, at the Parc des expositions, Porte de Versailles. Invitations are available on invitationphoto.com More info
Photos from France and Italy Photos from France and Italy Spring 2012Discover new photographs taken in spring 2012 : France (Provence and Roussillon) and Italy (Tuscany and Umbria)
More info
Slideshow & conference in Cluses (74) Slideshow & conference in Cluses (74) 21/01/2012As part of the festival images and snow, at 16:30 to Esserts. Admission is free. Equipment to different assembly techniques, all the information needed to create panoramic photos (1 hour). Questions and meeting (1 hour). Programme More info
Portfolio - Le Havre Portfolio - Le Havre 11/2011The city of Le Havre is astonishing, unsuspected. At human scale to start, without feeling of oppression. Everywhere space and water… a profusion of colour which recall that here was born impressionism. More info
8th photographic meeting in Genevois 8th photographic meeting in Genevois 10/2011The friendly association 'Contact pictures' offers this year to SEE IN LARGE. Check out my prints 1 x 3 meters outdoors in whole September, and on 1st and 2nd of October my prints 40 x 120 cm and my two slideshows. More info
Auvergne Exhibition Auvergne Exhibition 09/28/2011New exhibition at Dr. Erick Petit's cabinet, 74 Av des Gobelins 75013 Paris, from 28 September 2011 to January 24, 2012. Free admission, Mon, Wed, Thu 9am-12:30 and 2pm-6:30, 4pm-6:30 Tues, Fri 9am-12:30 and 2pm-5:30 and Sat 10am to 12:15 More info
Auvergne panoramas honoured Auvergne panoramas honoured 08/28/2011The regional newspaper La Montagne of August 28, 2011 explores the Auvergne page by page. My book is the first mentionned before one of the great writer in the region, Jean Anglade. That which gives pleasure. More info
Numeric slideshow Numeric slideshow 03/18/2011For the 14th Festival of Globe-Trotters, ABM Avignon will diffuse my slideshow in high resolution 'France panoramas' (Fridays at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm). A 3 days' Festival for a selection of films and slide shows, country stalls, meetings... More info
Interview France Bleu Auvergne Interview France Bleu Auvergne 01/08/2011On Saturday, January 8, at 8:20 am, a little radio interview from Herve Sentucq.

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"France panoramas" qualified 2010The jury for the second edition of the Book Prize of Tourism has selected a list of eight books that may be awarded this year, including mine. A feat for a book author who denounces commodified tourism ;-) More info
Portfolio - Seine-Maritime Portfolio - Seine-Maritime 11/26/2010Since October, I make photographs in Seine-Maritime. Not well known, this Department of cow pastures, groves, forests, rivers and swamps, towering cliffs ... is also rich with a huge built heritage. More info
Image & nature review n°35 Image & nature review n°35 10/05/2010A technical article about panoramics images where they talked about panoram-art.com !
More info
Slideshow at ABM Festival Slideshow at ABM Festival 09/25/2010Projection of my slideshow 'panoramas of France' Saturday, september 25, at 18.30 at the largest gathering of travelers from France. On 3000 m2, more than 40 movies and slide shows, debates, stalls, buffets, etc. More info
Subscription for 'Auvergne Panoramas' Subscription for 'Auvergne Panoramas' August 2010My new book is ready to be printed. According to me, this is the most succeeded. Availability : August. Limited distribution in the Clermont-Ferrand area. I propose 200 books for mail order selling on my website. More info
Opening of 'France panoramas' Opening of 'France panoramas' 19-20 mai 2010Wednesday at Centre d’Imagerie Médicale Italie, 74 avenue des Gobelins, Paris 13. Thursday at Medical Imaging of Hospital Saint-Joseph, 185 rue Losserand, Paris 14. Till Sept 28, 2010. More info
Fact sheet 'external viewfinders' Fact sheet 'external viewfinders' 03/30/2010I write henceforth regularly methodologic sheets on the website http://panoramiste.com. After presenting the pan heads Really Right Stuff, I explain this month the interest to use external viewfinders to preview the final frame of a stitching's panorama. More info
Exhibition & slideshow Exhibition & slideshow March 2010Premiere of my multi-images slideshow 'France panoramas' during the 30th Festival of the projected image of Chelles Multiphot (77). During the festival, I'll be at my new exhibition. Free admission More info
Tutoriel - The right time Tutoriel - The right time 02/14/2010A landscape picture, to be transposed creatively, must necessarily be planned rather than spontaneous. Explore this preliminary long-term work (...) More info
Portfolio - Alps Portfolio - Alps 02/13/2010To the east of the Rhône valley extends the Alps, Europe's largest mountain range. It represents a kind of final frontier for our civilization (...) More info
Tutorial: Photo and reality Tutorial: Photo and reality 01/10/2010Why the majority of landscape photographers need to appeal to the so-called "objectivity" of photography (...)
More info
New site version New site version 12/02/2009Listed in the library (More than 500 panoramas).
All website images become available for prints.
Special Offers.
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Portfolio Languedoc-Roussillon Portfolio Languedoc-Roussillon 11/13/2009The castles and fortifications of the Languedoc-Roussillon reminds us that the area is located at an important commercial and cultural crossroads since Roman times. More info
Publication of FRANCE, the panoramas Publication of FRANCE, the panoramas 10/08/2009World's premier tourist destinations, France seduces visitors with the diversity of her heritage, both natural and cultural 108 panoramic photos on 224 pages More info
Tutorial: Article about waterfalls Tutorial: Article about waterfalls 10/04/2009To photography water in a waterfall, you can "freeze" the movement with using a fast shutter speed. Or you can suggest the movement (...)
More info
Gallery Provence Alps Riviera Gallery Provence Alps Riviera 10/04/2009The region 'Provence Alps Riviera' is the more popular one in France: sea surrounded by mountains, large natural area, important cultural heritage, climate (...) More info
Tutorial : close-up landscapes Tutorial : close-up landscapes 09/01/2009Only available in French More info
Gallery - Scotland Gallery - Scotland 09/01/2009The legendary Highlands of Scotland is one of the last European wilderness. The perpetual humidity of the air gives fantastically changeable skies More info
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